Christmas Ham Inspirations And Pork Masterpieces

Let Us Help Your Family With One Of Our Christmas Ham Inspirations Or A Pork Masterpiece

We have worked closely with our hand selected pork producers to source our exclusive award winning Black Label Berkshire and Western Australian Linley Valley pork to ensure our customers are provided with only the very best!

To place your order email us or give us a call on (08) 9414 9200 and we will happily assist.

Biscayne Pork Roll

Biscayne Pork Roll

Our Western Australian juicy pork loin comes boned and rolled, available either plain or seasoned – and oven ready!

Seasoning options:

Option 1:  Wild rice, truffle and spinach (gluten free, nut free, dairy free)

Option 2: Cranberry apple pistachio

Option 3: Salt pepper and fennel

Small $45.00 ea – Serves 8-10 guests (min weight 2 kg)

Large $ 75.00 ea – Serves 12-18 guests (min weight 3.5 kg)

Cooking instructions supplied!

Best Pork Crackling

Pork Leg Bone In Or Boned & Rolled Roast

Crank the Weber! Our locally sourced Free Range pork legs come either bone in or boned, rolled and scored for your convenience!

Bone in Pork Leg

Small $35.00 ea – Serves 6-8 guests (min weight 3 kg)

Large $65.00 ea – Serves 12-18 guests (min weight 6 kg)

Boned and rolled

Small $ 35.00 ea – Serves 6-8 guests (min weight 2 kg)

Larger $ 65.00 ea – Serves 12-16 (min weight 4 kg)

Cooking instructions supplied!

Pork Belly Roll

Salt & Pepper Pork Belly Roll

Our West Australian pork belly comes boneless, rolled, scored and ready to crank in the Weber!

Small $ 35.00 ea – Serves 6-8 guests (min weight 2 kg)

Large $ 60.00 ea – 12-18 guests (min weight 3.5 kg)

Cooking Instructions supplied


Pickled Pork

Bone-in & skin on $9.95 Kg

Bone-less & skin on $10.95 kg

Bone-less & skinless $12.95

Order cut to requirements!

Black Label Ham

Black Label Bershire Bone In Ham – Nitrate Free

Limited Edition: Only 40 Available!

Our award winning Berkshire pigs are sourced locally from Beverley Western Australia and are well renowned for producing excellent marbling and superior taste which make this an amazing nitrate and gluten free ham on the bone.

Bone-in- Half $ 90.00 ea – Serves 10-12 guests (min weight 4 kg)

Bone-in- Full $ 165.00 ea – Serves 20-24+ guests (min weight 8 kg)

WA Ham

Western Australian Bone – In – Leg Ham

Our Western Australian pork is carefully selected to meet RQM strict guidelines, then cured, cooked and gently smoked to ensure only the very best mouth-watering hams are on offer! 

Portion Bone-in – Ham                                     

$55.00 ea – Serves 6-10 guests (min 3.5 kg) 

Half Bone-in – Ham                                     

$80.00 ea – Serves 10-16 guests (min 5 kg)    

Full Bone-in – Ham

$150.00 ea – Serves 25+ guests (min 9 kg)

Champagne Ham (Semi Boneless)

$19.95 per kg – Serves 12 – 20+ guests(average weight between 6-7 kg)

Boneless Ham Portions

$19.95 per kg – Serves 6 – 10(average weights between 2-3 kg)

Free ham bag available when placing an order.