Christmas Poultry Masterpieces

Let Us Help Your Family With One Of Our Christmas Poultry Masterpieces

Our Lilydale chickens and Mahogany Creek Turkeys are Free Range..

Please note: All poultry items are prepared fresh and then frozen to ensure the highest food safety standards are in place (HACCP). Please advise if you would like your product thawed for convenience.

Fresh available on special request

To place your order email us or give us a call on (08) 9414 9200 and we will happily assist.

Biscayne Chicken Roll

Our Free Range Lilydale boned and rolled chickens comes either plain or seasoned with three wonderful options.

Option 1: Wild rice, truffle and spinach (gluten free, nut free, dairy free)

Option 2: Spinach, Cheese and Bacon

Option 3: Hickory BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese and peppers (gluten free)

Oven Ready $ 21.50 ea – Serves 4-6 (min weight 1.5 kg)

Cooking instructions supplied!

Free Range Turkey

Mahogany Creek Free Range Turkey – Frozen

Our premium Free Range Mahogany Creek Turkeys are sourced locally for the extra special taste! Limited supply, so be quick to ensure you don’t miss out.

Small $60.00 ea – Serves 6-8 (min weight 4 kg)

Medium $70.00 ea – Serves 10-12 (min weight 5 kg)

Large $85.00 ea – Serves 12 -16 (min weight 6 kg)

Extra Large $95.00 ea – Serves 14 – 18 (min weight 7 kg)

Giant free-range turkeys may be available on special request. Please call to check availability

Cooking instructions supplied!

Turkey Buffe

Turkey Buffe – Frozen

Our Turkey Buffe is a stunning centrepiece which is simply a breast on the bone and easy to carve at the table!

Plain $70.00 ea – Serves 15-20 + (min weight 5 kg)

Cooking Instructions supplied

Turkey Breast Rolls

Turkey Breast Rolls

Our Local Boneless Turkey breast rolls are hand prepared on site and come either plain or seasoned.

Plain $ 50.00 ea – Serves 6-8 (min weight 2 kg)

Seasoned $65.00 ea – Serves 8-10 (min weight 2.6 kg)

Seasoning options:

Option 1: Wild rice, truffle and spinach (gluten free, nut free, dairy free)

Option 2: Cranberry, Apple and pistachio

Option 3: Cherry, Brioche and Pecan

Cooking instructions supplied!

Free Range Turkey Ballantyne

We place a free range chicken, inside a free range duck, inside a free range Turkey and then season with delicious Cranberry, Apple and pistachios.

Let us make your Christmas something special to remember!

Oven Ready $ 130.00 ea – Serves 12-18+ (min weight 4 kg)

This Ballantyne is no relation to the Fremantle Docker small forward.

Cooking instructions supplied!

Cooked whole duck

Whole Birds

Free Range Ducks

$22.00 ea (approx. weight 2 kg)

Free Range Chickens

$ 11.50 ea (approx. weight 1.5 kg)