How Resting Meat Increases Tenderness and Taste

resting meat

How Resting Meat Increases Tenderness and Taste

Ever wondered why resting meat after it is cooked is important.

This short video spells it all out for you.

Resting meat after cooking ensures its moistness, tenderness and juiciness is enhanced.

As the meat is cooked the proteins in the meat heat up and set. The more cooked the meat, the more “set” the proteins have become. This is why we can judge how done a piece of meat is during cooking by prodding it with tongs – the firmer the meat the more “done ” it is.

As the proteins set, they push the juices towards the centre of the meat.

Standing the meat away from the heat before serving allows the juices, which have been driven to the centre of the meat to redistribute throughout the meat and be reabsorbed. As a result the meat will lose less juice when you cut it and be far more tender and juicy to eat.

Steaks or chops should stand for five minutes (but no less than three) before serving. A rule of thumb used by some chefs… one minute resting time for every 100g of meat.


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