Smokin’ Meat Pack



This $225 smokin’ meat pack is perfect for the serious cooker and capable of producing 38 suggested serves which equates to $5.92 per serve

“Now that is value for money”

Suggested serving sizes are based on adult size servings

  • 4kg of SRB Beef Brisket suggested serves = 16
  • 2kg of Pork Ribs (marinated or plain) suggested serves = 8
  • 2.2kg SRB Beef Short Rib Rack suggested serves = 4
  • 2kg Chicken Drumsticks to BBQ, grill, casserole or pan fry suggested serves = 6
  • 1kg SRB Chuck and Brisket Mince
  • 500gm bacon
  • 1 Jar McClure’s pickles

Please allow us 1 day to freshly prepare your pack.

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