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Black Label Berkshire Pork

Black Label Berkshire Pork

RQM are delighted to have reached an agreement with Black Label Berkshire – winner of 3 medals at the 2017 Sydney Royal Show – to begin processing and distributing their award-winning pork into the WA foodservice market.

Berkshire pigs are bred in Beverley from stud-registered Berkshire pigs and fed grain produced in the surrounding wheatbelt area. Known as the wagyu of pork, the produce from Black Label Berkshire Pork, is 100% West Australian, even down to the grain the animals consume.

The Black Label Berkshire herd pedigree includes bloodlines from world famous pigs. Black Label Berkshire prides itself on being about to control and monitor all stages of production from “paddock to plate” which guarantees customers a consistently delicious, premium pork product. 

Berkshire pork is a darker pink than most commercial pork and marbled with fat (hence the ‘wagyu of pork’ reference), this makes the pork moist, sweet and easier to cook.

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