Our Range

RQM have always worked on a “paddock to plate” supply chain philosophy and have strong and long-standing relationships with key industry suppliers throughout Western Australia.

Stirling Ranges Beef by Butterfield

Exclusive to RQM, Stirling Ranges Beef by Butterfield is proudly Western Australian owned and grown. From paddock to plate, it is the dedication and expertise of the team from farmer to butcher that guarantees quality you can see and taste in every cut of Stirling Ranges Beef.


Amelia Park Lamb

Amelia Park Lamb is hand selected from the best farmers in the pristine South West of Western Australia.  Lambs are hand selected from top breeders and are subject to strict criteria before becoming Amelia Park Lamb. Consequently, this ensures that when you purchase an Amelia Park Lamb product, you are buying the best of the best lamb from Western Australia.

Black Label Berkshire Pork

Black Label Berkshire pigs are bred in Beverley from stud-registered Berkshire pigs and fed grain produced from the surrounding wheatbelt area. Known as the wagyu of pork, the produce from Black Label Berkshire Pork, is 100% West Australian, even down to the grain the animals are fed.


Lilydale Free Range Chicken

Lilydale Free Range Chickens are raised and tended to by farmers who ensure the flock are fed a nutritious diet and have the birds welfare forefront of mind. Our farmers are committed to raising healthy free range chickens and are passionate about farming and growing good quality produce.