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Stirling Ranges Beef by Butterfield

Stirling Ranges Beef

Exclusive to RQM, Stirling Ranges Beef by Butterfield is proudly Western Australian owned and grown. Collectively we share over 160 years of industry knowledge, culinary passion and exceptional customer service.

From paddock to plate, it is the dedication and expertise of the team from farmer to butcher that guarantees quality you can see and taste in every cut of Stirling Ranges Beef. Stirling Ranges Beef, are proud of their truly sustainable approach to cattle farming in Western Australia. Family owned and run since 1906, the O’Meehan family are proud Western Australian farmers who are active supporters of their local community and farming industry.

They devote enormous attention to preparing the feed source for their cattle. The rich soils of their property enable them to produce the highest quality white grains that are cleaned, tempered and rolled fresh each day. They are then blended with home grown lupins and fibre to form the mainstay of the diet once the cattle arrive into the feed yard.

Cattle are grass reared and grain finished to ensure a premium product. The Angus and Angus cross cattle are bred and reared on lush South West pastures. The choice of Angus means taste, marbling and tenderness can be ensured, therefore producing a consistently superior product.

Beef Cuts

Beef Cuts